AN INDUSTRY COMMITTED To the communities we help BUILD and live in.

The Canadian cement and concrete industry has always had the privilege of seeing the role we’ve played in building the communities in which we live and experiencing the results. We can literally reach out and touch our lasting contribution every day. It is a proud heritage and a deep connection. This intimate connection to the built environment helps us recognize that sustainability and corporate social responsibility are essential values for the continued success of our industry and society.

There is no question that society’s needs are shifting. For example, climate change will redefine our economy and is already ushering in a transformation in the way we think about everything, from energy to transportation and all facets of the built environment. Canada’s cement and concrete manufacturers are proactively innovating and adapting our products and processes to contribute to a sustainable future. Click here to learn more about our role in today’s communities.

Our forward thinking work focuses on four main areas:

We are proud of this leadership as we are of our industry’s vital contribution to Canada’s economy — 158,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs and $76 billion in direct, indirect and induced impact. Since concrete is produced locally (typically within 160 kilometers of a project site), our industry is present in communities across the country, creating local jobs, paying corporate taxes and supporting local economies.