Sustainability, and climate change in particular, is a collective challenge that requires collective solutions. We are working proactively with environmental groups, governments, and broader civil society to support the development of smart regulatory policy. 

Policy Solutions

For example, despite being one of Canada’s most Energy Intensive Trade Exposed (EITE) sectors, we are a strong voice across Canada, helping governments navigate the complexities of industries while protecting our competitiveness.

We learn much from our partnerships with organizations such as Environmental Defence (with whom we helped found the Clean Economy Alliance), Pembina Institute, and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper among others and hope that they also learn from us. What matters most is that we are able to find a lot of common ground and ways to work together as we transition to a low carbon economy.

We also work closely with other groups to identify and support policies and initiatives such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that will help our industry, and the economy as a whole, transition to a low carbon, sustainable and more prosperous future. For example, it is with this mind that the Cement Association of Canada is a proud founding partner of the Carbon Impact Initiative.

Find out more about our submission to the federal government on the three-screen lifecycle assessment approach for new economy infrastructure. Read more…

Product Solutions

Even though the carbon footprint of cement and concrete is lower than that of competing building and paving materials, we recognize the critical need for every industry including ours to innovate and develop environmentally and economically viable solutions to the issue of climate change. To that end we are investing in potentially transformative low carbon technologies that will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and could turn concrete into a "carbon sink".

Local solutions

We also partner locally. Concrete is manufactured locally so we are present in nearly every municipality across the country. We strive to understand the issues and priorities of our communities and provide them with cost-effective solutions to build durable, climate-friendly, climate-resilient buildings and infrastructure.